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Children are Inspired & Motivated

In Healthcare

  • Get Well Maps illustrate progress towards goals with a fun, engaging method that helps to encourage children & reduce anxiety when faced with a medical challenge
  • Children of all learning styles & developmental abilities benefit from multi-sensory learning strategies
  • Personalized name & photographs foster pride  in  goal achievement
  • Whimsical Artwork becomes a keepsake that illustrates  the  child’s perseverance
  • Complex Medical Dialogue is easier to comprehend and is softened by metaphors that children are interested in and can understand
  • Get Well Maps add Visual Strategies that enhance  comprehension  (Auditory Processing is limited during Stressful Events)

In Education

  • Educational Goal Maps illustrate  progress towards goals with a fun, multi-sensory method that encourages & motivates children to reach their greatest potential
  • Children of all learning styles & developmental abilities benefit from visual & interactive learning strategies
  • Personalized photos or drawings of children & their goals fosters pride in goal achievement
  • Easily understood by young children that have not mastered time concepts & children that need flexibility when working towards challenging goals
  • Promotes use of consistent, positive, child-centered language among educators when teaching children valuable lessons about perseverance, goal progression & goal achievement.


Assistant Principal, Richard Shields Elementary

Everyone who is using the maps LOVES them and others have asked about them! We will definitely be using them next year and would love to have them incorporate our growth mindset theme.

-Kimberly Corbidge

Assistant Principal

Richard Shields Elementary

Lewes, DE

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